Everts 12" STD Pink

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Everts 12" STD Pink
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Model: E12-143-SP

Latex balloons are a celebration staple that add an element of excitement to any space. Even a single balloon holds the power to brighten someone's day. Use this STD Pink latex balloon as an accessory to make any gift even more special, or mix and match it with other latex and foil balloons to create your very own balloon bouquet. Choose from the selection of colors and finishes, and pick up your fully-inflated creation right from the store. The possibilities are endless, so allow your imagination to soar and bring your vision to life.

STD Pink Balloon product details:

  • 1 single balloon
  • 12in tall when fully inflated
  • Includes string
  • Remains inflated for approximately
  • Helium: 5-7 hours

Note: time inflated varies based on altitude, humidity, and temperature


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