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With years of experience behind us, we only use our own specially developed latex
formulation, sourced from the most reputable plantations and suppliers in
Malaysia, the global Centre of latex excellence.

We ensure all latex complies with EN71 Toy Safety Directive, Europe and our quality
remains constant wherever our balloons are sold.

Together with our latex partners we ensure each and every batch is tested in our
own labs as well as third party labs carefully selected in Germany.

We also have our own in house lab, the only in Malaysia, that has installed leading
edge equipment that tests for Nitrosamines (NA’s). This gives us the capability to
test over 100 samples per day, covering latex deliveries, chemicals, pigments and
finished production. We are confident that no other balloon manufacturer globally,
tests latex as extensively as we do.

Your safety is our utmost importance.




Quality is at the heart of everything we practice at Everts, with the aim of producing
best in class balloons, together with outstanding service and delivery standards.
We have an extensive quality team, working around the clock, 7 days a week
testing and monitoring our production of more than a billion balloons a year.

In brief: We use in house labs for physical properties testing of latex and balloons,
encompassing tensile strength tests, stability, viscosity, pH, total solid content etc.
We test each delivery load of latex for physical properties, and for Nitrosamines
and Nitrosatable substances, using the latest Liquid Chromatography-Mass
Spectrometry equipment in our own lab, with capability of over 100 tests per day.

All pigments and chemicals used in production are tested similarly ensuring all
items meet or exceed all known international safety requirements for balloons.
We use colour spectrophotometers, with specialized lighting equipment to ensure
colour consistency between production batches.

Online quality examinations continue hourly, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Prior to shipment, further random checks and lab tests are carried out as necessary,
or upon the request of our customers.

Our Total Quality Management incorporates the best aspects of the 5S system, with
the aim of improving efficiency, quality and safety.