Frozen Gift Bucket

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Frozen Gift Bucket
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  • $39.90

A Bucket full of themed items to gift. We bundled them from our smaller set of party accessories! 
Each bucket has slightly different items. They'll be more filled as you go higher! 

Bucket Set A: $39.90 


©Disney Frozen Crepe Streamer 181416
©Disney Frozen Hair Pony O Favors 3901328
©Disney Frozen Pencil Favors 394434
©Disney Frozen Bracelet w/Charm Favor 394577
©Disney Frozen Favor Container - Plastic 261416


Bucket Set B: $59.90 

Contains all of Box A plus: 

©Disney Frozen Cupcake Kit 142087
©Disney Frozen Stationery Set Favor 3901236


Bucket Set C: $79.90

Contains all of Box A + B plus:

©Disney Frozen Nail Decal Kit Favors 3901228
©Disney Frozen Vinyl Keychain Favors 3901327
S60 17" Disney Frozen Happy Birthday Standard HX® 42194-01
©Disney Frozen Sash - Fabric 342087

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