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Whether you're celebrating a Batman birthday, a Hello Kitty party, a Hawaiian luau, or or any other special event, we offer all the party favors you could possibly need to keep your celebration in theme.Choose from an outsized selection of value packs, 99 cent party favors, and other gifts and trinkets to keep kids entertained; when it's time to take the giveways home, make sure you have favor bags and favor boxes in supply.Decorations set the party scene; tableware dresses the table. But party favors are strictly for fun, interactive party supplies like blowouts, novelty toys, mini games, and party hats.

With the right party favors come party favor ideas; kids find new ways to use them — you'd be amazed at some of the results! To ratchet up the noise and excitement, try our favor blowouts, giant plastic horns, glow in the dark party favors for Halloween, and large New Year's Eve noisemaker packs. To bring the kids down from too much excitement, we serve a healthy dose of birthday stickers, character watches, loom bands, plush toys, pencils and notepads, and on it goes.There are dozens of party favors for Mickey Mouse alone, and nearly as many for Minnie, who is not about to be outdone.Each party theme has its own set of special favors; every birthday, holiday, and baby shower comes with its own favor collection.  

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We offer more party favors for less, all tested for safety, and organized for easy purchase within families of party supplies